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Third Party Training, Validation and Certificate

ask about classes, knowledge quizzes and certificates - so you only issue badges to trained personnel
we can also manage security and safety on site (actual compliance with the safety training)

Examples of Training Classes We Offer

we can design a course and quiz for your company
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Construction Site Safety Training

Badge can be scanned with any QR reader and returns only the information you want to share.

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Private Club Membership Rules

When scanned, access is denied to employee profiles whose badges you "turned off".

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Interpreter / Translator Certification

You can modify badge info or switch badges ON/OFF by sending a simple text.


What our system can do for you

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on site security

Allow anyone with a smart phone to scan badges on site. The work site ID verification can take place anywhere with a cell phone signal.

live active status

The badges you deactivate will show as "INVALID ID" or "INACTIVE" when scanned.

full control

You decide how much information can be viewed about the badge holder at the scanning station and how much information is instantly emailed and texted to the system owner.

live notification

You could choose to receive SMS and email alerts each time a badge is scanned with the information of the respective badge holder. So you could use it as their time card.

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dedicated system

Badge holders can only access the physical site where they are assigned. If you run multiple work sites, you can register one badge on more than one site.


You can reward badge holders (members) who frequent your club the most by counting scans. Or you can scan the badge at every purchase; you decide how to implement your system.

social status

People "brag" about special privileges, this is the perfect word of mouth viral marketing tool. Being "in" matters.

easy payment

We have a flexible and affordable payment structure, and simple implementation without contracts or commitments.

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